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The Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Hardwood Installation

In an attempt to minimize renovation expenses, homeowners sometimes decide on DIY hardwood installation. However, as installing hardwood floors in your home is a considerable investment, a move that increases the value of your residence, it is wiser to hire a professional hardwood installation company. In doing so, you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship and beautiful, seamless flooring that will withstand the test of both style and time.

Why Should I Bother Hiring Hardwood Installation Experts?

Aside from the obvious fact that hardwood installation pros have the training and experience to install hardwood flooring, there is an extensive list of reasons you should call in the experts:

Hardwood Flooring Planks Need to Acclimatize

Did you know that wood flooring contracts and expands according to ambient temperature? Professional hardwood installation crews open the wood plank packaging several days before installation to adjust the new flooring to the humidity and environmental temperature in your home. If you were to DIY install them before the planks had adjusted adequately, you would be heartbroken to see how much gapping your wood planks would have between them.
There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Install Hardwood

There are many installation methods out there, and it often depends upon the type of hardwood. As they have the training and flooring experience, professional hardwood installation teams know exactly when they need to staple, glue, or nail down wood flooring.

A Proper Estimate, Not a Guesstimate

When you call in the pros, they'll spend the time to accurately measure the space where they'll be installing flooring, and provide you with a service estimate. In the end, you'll save money since they know precisely how much flooring, subfloor, quarter-round, and adhesive they'll need for the job.

Expert Hardwood Installation Team Means Expert Tools

Since an installation crew spends their work hours installing floors, they'll obviously have the necessary tools to do so. If you were to install your hardwood flooring yourself, you'd be stuck buying some expensive tools that you may never use again.

Protect Your New Flooring Investment And Your Home

Regardless of your home reno savviness, you may end up inadvertently ruining your new floors or damaging your home. Instead, if you hire an expert hardwood installation crew, you'll be assured zero hardwood and structural damage, proper plank flooring alignment, and no unsightly inter-plank gapping.

Hardwood Installation in Florida

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