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Revive Your Floors with Professional Hardwood Refinishing

There's just something undeniably majestic about hardwood floors, so much so that homeowners prefer hardwood refinishing their flooring instead of installing something new. Time and time again, hardwood floors have shown us their unique, timeless character, elegance that homeowners seem to prefer over other flooring options.

Luckily, with adequate maintenance, your hardwood floors will last for generations, keeping a beautiful appearance that will rival any "newer" flooring on the market. Even though hardwood flooring is incredibly tough and remarkably durable, accidents can happen and your beloved floors can become scratched. When damage occurs, or when you decide that you'd like your floors to have a modern facelift, hardwood refinishing is the answer.

The Advantages of Hardwood Refinishing for Floors

When it comes to solid hardwood flooring, the prime reason that homeowners select it for their renovations is that it is easy to repair or refinish. Should your floors end up with deep gouges, scratches, or damage of any kind, a hardwood refinishing team can restore it to its original condition. As refinishing floors is a complex and detailed matter, it's always best to leave it to the experts, as you don't want to damage the wood even more.

The Process of Restoring Hardwood Floors

After a hardwood refinishing company surveys your flooring, they will be able to get a better idea of how they will proceed to restore the hardwood. In the case where it is simply a matter of refinishing, due to a desire to change the wood coloration, the restoration process will be faster since there is no damage to repair. Once a hardwood refinishing team arrives on-site to commence work on the floors, they generally go through the following steps:

Step #1: Examination of the floor to evaluate if there are embedded objects that need removal, i.e., carpeting nails or tacks.

Step #2: After removal of any objects, the hardwood refinishing crew will then eliminate the existing floor finish. At this point, as the crew needs to get to the level of the hardwood, a drum sander is usually brought in to remove the existing floor finish.

Step #3: Once the finish is removed, any necessary repairs will be done on the hardwood floors. If some gouges or scratches have surpassed the surface level, the wood must be repaired before continuing with refinishing.

Step #4: If a wood stain is needed, they will apply it at this point. So, if you're looking for a new color for your flooring, or to match the previous wood shade, the stain will now be added. However, if you desire a more authentic wood look, you'll end up skipping this step.

Step #5: Time for the new finish application. Before getting excited about your new hardwood refinishing, the crew will have to add a protective top coat.

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